Mini Blue Acres
Welcome to Mini Blue Acres, we are located in the big bend of sunny Florida and raise quality blue eyed Nigerian Dwarf Goats for show and pets.

Nigerian Dwarf goats are gentle, loveable and playful. Their calm, even temperament and engaging personalities make them suitable companions for all, including children and the elderly. Even breeding bucks are handled easily. They make wonderful pets and great animal projects for young children in 4H or FFA. Breeders of other types of goats find their Dwarfs blend in with the rest of their herd and do not need special quarters; just adequate fencing to contain them because of their small size. Many Nigerian Dwarf goats share pastures peacefully with other livestock such as cattle, horses, llamas and donkeys. In fact, they will often improve a pasture by removing brambles, undergrowth (including weeds) and ivy (even poison ivy) that other livestock won't eat.
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    Nigerian Dwarf Goats
*Will consider possible trade                 $125
Buzz has served us well for a couple years but we have retained several beautiful does from his breedings and need to replace our buck.  He was a bottle baby so he is gentle and easy to handle. 

Lucky Enough Uncle Buzz
  Sire:  Better Blues Obediah
      SS:  La Ca Dos JD My He-Roe
      SD:  Better Blues Dickey's Sugar Plum

  Dam:  Better Blues HR Blue Belle
      DS:  La Ca Dos JD My He-Roe
      DD:  CH Cananna WR Oceana